There’s a problem with football in the UK….

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There’s a problem with Football in the UK.


In the last decade 200,000 male players have quit & in the last five years 2,360 teams have given up the weekly struggle to find 11 players and a playable pitch.


There is a huge gap in the number of people that are active in watching football, and those who actually play the game themselves.


The gap is even bigger when looking at the number of people who play proper 11 a-side football. The majority, particularly in cities, play 5 to 8 a-side variations of the game.


This isn’t right, and the reason for it, is purely organisational barriers to entry.


Flexi Football is a combination of pioneering technology which enables a player to pick their position and play, without hassle.


And fine-tuned operations from experienced event professionals who know who to create enjoyable experiences.


We’re getting people back playing football, the way it’s meant to be played. And now we’d like your help to build this project to the next level.



If you’ve played 4-6 a side in London, then you’ll know the struggles. It’s a hassle getting everyone together – Sometimes you end up short on numbers, and have to pay for the full team.

Or maybe you’re new in London – Finding a team is tough, and it’s even tougher to get through all the politics of different friends, and worries of whether you’re good enough.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Just go to our site, pick your game, pick the position you want to play – Pay, and play.

On you can have a look on our website to see positions available.

Then just pick your place, pay, turn up and play!

No need to worry about experience – Just a great, fun competitive game of football!

Players can join as an individual, a group of friends, or put together a whole team.

We organise refs, full size pitches and bibs provided.

Then we go to the local bars after all games.

We operate promotions such as bring a friend, and get a free game, and goalkeepers play for free!


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